and FAA Commercial Pilot in one pocket!

The training program takes place locally in the USA. We are waiting for you!
2 licenses for
the price of one!
Discover the World of Aviation in a few clicks with SkyEagle!
The training program takes place locally in the USA. We are waiting for you!

Why choose EASA training in the United States?

Make the most of your EASA program by studying in the USA - where it's cheaper, quicker, and simpler than ever before!
Budget-conscious pilots
Save money during training in the US with no landing and air navigation fees, and lower aircraft rates compared to Europe.
Time-sensitive pilots
Start theoretical training immediately with live online classes.
EASA Frozen ATPL seekers
Complete the majority of your training in Florida while obtaining both EASA and FAA licenses.
Career-focused pilots
Expand your career opportunities by holding both EASA and FAA licenses upon course completion.
Tailored programs
Whether you're a novice or experienced pilot, we can customize the program to meet your specific needs.

Ready to elevate your aviation career?

CPL Single and Multi-Engine in the US, and accumulate FAA hours in the Miami area. Easily convert to EASA and obtain the Frozen ATPL.

EASA Frozen ATPL With US Experience!

+ FAA PPL, IR, CPL SE and MEL included!
Are you prepared to ascend in your aviation career? Become an EASA-certified professional pilot while simultaneously maximizing the experience you can get in the US. Complete your PPL, IR, CPL and ME and even build your hours under FAA while enjoying the favorable weather conditions in sunny Miami.
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Why You Should Enroll?

The school has been in existence since 2010. In 2015, it obtained a Part 141 certificate (FAA approved flight school), and in 2017, it received SEVIS approval to support M-1 student visas for the admission of foreign students into the training programs.

Since 2024 we are offering combined EASA + FAA Professional flight training program together with FCH Aviation Training Organization (Germany).

We offer:
  • Quality of education
  • Own Fleet
  • Best instructors
We have perfect services for foreign students:
  • M1 Student Visa
  • TSA clearance
  • Foreign Certificate Validation
  • Housing
  • Cars for rent

We understand that learning to fly can be a significant investment in both time and money. We offer for your consideration a few popular financing or loan option by special credit program.
Unlock your aviation potential with our Brochure, designed for ambitious pilots aiming to acquire both EASA ATPL and FAA CPL licenses.
EASA Flight School in the USA
Our EASA flight training program is a combined FAA approved Part 141 training (Private, Instrument, Commercial Single Engine) and FAA Part 61 (Multi Engine) flight training program and 15 hours of EASA conversion training. Flight training hours are based upon FAA & EASA minimum requirements.
EASA Flight Training Fees
EASA Flight School fees are for the entire airline pilot training package and include all tuition fees, flight training materials, study materials and other fees. This price is based on the minimum flight hours and the minimum ground school required by FAA and EASA rules.
Course completion time
The EASA ATPL flight training program may be completed in 12-15 months of full-time flight training. The completion time includes EASA's distance learning part and all flight training courses.
Admission process
To start the admission process to our EASA ATPL program, complete our enrollment form. Once all required documents are received, our SEVP DSO will issue the DHS form I-20 required to obtain the M1 student visa (if you are a foreign citizen).

The Training Includes:

FAA Program
  • PPL
    Private Pilot License
    Basic flight training for VFR flights.

    3  Months
  • IR
    Instrument Rating
    Advanced instrument based flight training for IFR flights.

    3 months
  • CPL SE
    Commercial Pilot Single Engine
    Flight training and ground school required for Commercial pilots.

    3 Months
  • CPL ME
    Multi Engine add-on
    Multi Engine training for Commercial pilots.

    1 Months
    Single and Multi
EASA Program
  • Online Ground School
    Exam Part 1
    Air Law; Human Performance; Meteorology.
  • Online Ground School
    Exam Part 2
    Principles of Flight Operational Procedures; Aircraft General Knowledge – Airframe/Systems/Powerplant; Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation; General Navigation; Radio Navigation.
  • Online Ground School
    Exam Part 3
    Mass and Balance; Performance.
  • EASA flight training
    EASA Transition course
    15 Flight Hours of flight training with EASA instructor and EASA flight exam.
  • EASA ATPL Frozen

Our EASA Partners

SkyEagle European activities are regulated by Austro Control, and our training programs are conducted in partnership with a German FCH Authorized Training Organization (ATO). We coordinate with the Austrian Civil Aviation Authority for European license issuance. Our Online Ground School is facilitated by FCH. The culminating training for EASA certification is led by an EASA-certified instructor, and the final assessments are carried out by an EASA-designated examiner.

EASA General Requirements

17 years to begin; 18 years to receive the Certificate
Pilot Certificate:
Student Pilot Certificate
3rd Class FAA Medical and EASA Medical with Audiometry
You must be able to speak, read and understand the English language. .
For Non-U.S. Citizens:
TSA Clearance for Private, Instrument & ME

Our Services For Foreign Students

Learn more
M1 Student Visa
SkyEagle Aviation Academy is a SEVIS approved flight school.
TSA clearance
Transport Security Administration (TSA Approval)
Foreign Certificate Validation
Validation of ICAO license to FAA license
SkyEagle can offer a housing accommodation or discounted rates in local hotels.
Cars for rent
We have partners for car rental and other vehicles.
Our Services For Foreign Students

Our Facility

Fort Lauderdale:
Main building
1707 S. Perimeter Road, Hangar 33A, Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale:
1707 S. Perimeter Road, Hangar 33A, Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale:
Ground classes, ATP-CTP courses
1801 S. Perimeter Road, Suite 180,
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale:
Academy reception area
1801 S. Perimeter Road, Suite 180,
Fort Lauderdale
ATP-CTP courses
1650 Sand Lake Road, Suite 250, Orlando

Ready to enroll and take a step toward a future career?

Please fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss your personal needs and requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

SEVIS Approved part 141 SkyEagle Aviation Academy offers the highest standards of airmanship training in accordance with approved programs and FAA certification. Our flight school specializes in professional training programs for future pilots starting from the very first steps in their career up to the moment they receive their commercial pilots license.
What countries are included in the EASA membership, and do they extend beyond the European Union?
EASA member states include countries within the European Union like Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Croatia, among others, extending to include non-EU countries such as Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland. Each member state has its own national aviation authority responsible for regulatory oversight in line with EASA standards. EASA member states https://www.easa.europa.eu/en/light/topics/easa-member-states EASA International cooperation https://www.easa.europa.eu/en/domains/international-cooperation/easa-by-country
What type of aircraft does the academy use for training?
At the Academy, seven Cessna 172 planes are dedicated to a spectrum of training needs, from Private Pilot certifications to advanced CFI/CFII programs, alongside Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot courses. We offer the Beechcraft Duchess BE76 for the multi-engine add-on courses.
What are the payment options?
We offer flexible payment options for our students, accepting cash, checks, Zelle, and wire transfers to fund their flight training.
Do you accept International Students?
This program is designed for EU citizens and international students, but US citizens are also welcomed!
Are there any financing options available?
We collaborate with esteemed partners to present diverse financing solutions for those dreaming of a career in aviation. Delve deeper into your potential journey as a pilot (not available for International students). For international students: secure funding in your home country before starting the program.